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You Have No Idea What You've Gotten into
Freelance Writing: Six Reasons Why You Will Never Make it

Freelance writing is a serious venture , just like banking, hospitality management, medicine and the rest. One has to view it this way if they are to make it. Writing for money proves that you reap what you sow and successful writers will most probably attest to that fact. It is a matter of give and take, and only the quick-witted really make it.

Why have you not made it so far? Could you be doing the wrong thing or maybe the right thing the wrong way? Maybe you don’t even know what you are doing!

Let’s see why your star is still far from shinning bright or why it seems to grow dimer every day.

Frustrated Writer

Frustrated Writer

1.You Do Not Know What You Are Doing

Could it be that you have no idea what you got yourself into, in the name of full time freelance writing. There is nothing as frustrating as not understanding something that you so much love. You do not know what to charge for what order, you have no idea how to relate with your clients, you have no financial management skills! You must have a very stressful, dramatic and clueless freelancing life!
Not to worry, take a deep breathe and go back to the drawing board. Study the industry, strategize, set your goals afresh, then come and thank me later.

2.Your Grammar is Horrible

I don’t know what gave you the idea that you can write if you can hardly construct a sensible and grammatical sentence. Good grammar is the backbone of a shining career in freelance writing. However rich in ideas you claim to be, you cannot and will never be helped if you continue to type incomprehensible and incoherent stuff.
Clients look for freelance writers to do what they cannot do, so your poor grammar could be an addition to their long list of challenges.

3.You Overcharge Your Clients

I know you are the boss here, but still that does not give you an excuse to extort money from your clients. If you didn’t know, you are indirectly telling your clients to try elsewhere and they are really good at it.
Inasmuch as you are out to make money, mark and respect your boundaries. Stay away from insane quotations!

4. You Are a Social Media Addict

Every day before you start to work, you decide to check on your twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, list is endless. You decide to like and comment on what your friends have been yapping about and before you know it, you have only two hours to the next deadline!
Don’t pay me for telling you this: Stop this madness and start working, then reward yourself with two hours of Facebook and Twitter later.

5.You Are Lazy!

Just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you sleep as early as you wish and wake up as late as your body permits. Successful freelance writers often burn the midnight oil, trying to make it. They take on a few orders in a day and they are hardworking enough to submit each of them in time.
You take an easy order a day and keep telling us what a busy freelancing life you have. That’s why you will keep trying to make it .

6. You Give Up Too Soon

So somebody gave you a mere six reasons why you will never make it and you decide that you are a failure.You decide that they are right, that you can do nothing about your situation. Why not defy me? Prove me wrong and make it.

If you do not at least try, you will be endorsing all these facts as true.