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How to find writing projects
Freelance Writing Jobs:How to Find Writing Projects

A freelance writer needs to have a constant supply of writing jobs if they are to survive the competition in freelance writing. It is not easy to land lucrative writing gigs, especially  for inexperienced writers who know little on how to find writing projects. Relax, this is how-to.


Visit Freelance Writing Websites

You will easily find freelance writing jobs on freelance writing websites because they are tailored to recruit writers like you. There are countless websites that offer freelance writing jobs and all you need is to  sign up as a writer. You will then be provided with writing projects according to the quality of your work.

Freelance writing websites continue to be the in-thing for freelance writers who are out to make a fortune for themselves in freelance writing. What’s more? A writer can have multiple accounts in different websites to increase their chances of finding writing gigs.


Create a Blog and Market Yourself

I trust this is not the first time you are hearing this. Blogging is very important for a freelance writer because it helps you build a rich resume. A blogger can have their samples on their blog, which helps demonstrate their  capabilities  to readers who are also potential clients.

We have given you the reasons every freelance writer needs a blog before and you need to keep reminding yourself the same.


Connect With Freelance Writers

Human beings more often than not do better in groups than as lone rangers. Find online writers’ communities and become actively involved in forums and discussions.

Fellow writers will think of you every time they need an extra hand with a writing project if you have placed yourself at the right place at the right time. You also get the opportunity to learn a few more tricks in freelance writing that you would not learn elsewhere.

A group of writers also openly discusses writer issues and you are likely to find answers to your many questions in a friendly environment.

A determined freelance writer, regardless of the extent of expertise and experience they have, must find ways to land at writing projects. Find your way to success in freelance writing.