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Get Back Your Creativity
Freelance Creative Writing: How to Get Back Your Creativity

I like to think that freelance writers should never experience writers’ block but still cannot dismiss the fact that the demon will always find a way to strangle your muse.

Since freelance creative writing is a career for so many of us, you ought to know how to get back your creativity when that dark moment arrives.

You need a fast solution that will see to it that you recover your creative cap in real time. This is how to:

Take a Break Away From Work and Relax

Yes, you need a break, if not for anything, to give your body and mind a breather. You need to stop thinking about making money for a while, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Find something interesting to do, maybe take a brisk walk or go swimming.

The essence is to stay away from your work station. Who knows? You might run into a friend who says or does something that cracks up your creativity.

Talk to Somebody

Freelance writing has turned you into a nerd, such that you hardly talk to your friends anymore. Do you even have friends?
You need regular banter to keep your life as normal as possible.

By the way, what you do on Facebook and Twitter is not enough talk. You need to hear some noises. If you have not made friends yet, at least listen to some music. It might help.

It is this way that you get inspired to keep writing.

Read. Read, then Read and Keep Reading


If you cannot read, then you have no right to call yourself a writer. The best freelance writers and even authors will tell you that they read as much as they write and vice versa.

You need to know the difference between you and the other writer across the Atlantic or wherever you are.

Nothing can take the place of quality reading because through sampling other people’s work, you find out how to make your own better.

Reading will challenge you and kick you out of your comfort zone, which in turn kick starts your creativity.

Keep Writing

By all means, if you are to get back your creativity, never stop writing! You cannot stop living, because that is what writing is to a creative freelance writer.

Once you stop writing, you are silently saying that you have given up and never trying again. You cannot afford to give up on a dream that you have put so much into.

As long as your computer’s delete function is still on point , keep writing and you will be surprised how fast your muse awakens.

Whatever you do, see to it that you get back your creativity. Creativity is the the lifeline for a creative freelance writer.