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Think critically before going into full time freelance writing.
Facts to Consider Before Going into Fulltime Freelance Writing

Are you considering going into full time freelance writing? An experienced freelance writer will tell you to think twice and again before making the plunge. You ought to be ready for the changes your life is about to take.

Full time freelance writing is for everyone but the faint-hearted and so  you need to be really sure when you decide to make it your sole source of bread and butter.

It is true that freelance writing can and does maintain writers and their families and sometimes they can even afford some luxury. However, not every full time freelance writer would attest to this. Why? Because some freelance writers get into it without making necessary arrangements and considerations, which determine if one  has the guts for the job.

The following are the the facts that a writer should consider before going into full time freelance writing:

Your Personal Life Goals

What are you set to achieve in life? A stable family, set up a successful business, further your studies and get into a  certain social position? Whatever it is that you want to attain in life, you must think critically before deciding to be a full time freelance writer.

Is your freelancing career in line with your personal goals in life? Will your new life interfere with your vision in life? Will you need too give up anything in order to chase success in freelancing?

Take your time and think about what impact your career will have on your spouse or children. Will you still comfortably provide for their needs without asking them to have to make adjustments on their daily lives?

Evidently, there are many questions you need to ask yourself before making a final decision. If you can’t seem to find logical answers to your questions, you might have to shelf the move  for a while.

Your Capabilities and Qualifications

Do you have what it takes to sustain yourself and your dependents on a freelancing career?  What is the quality of your writing? Are you an excellent writer?

How much pressure can you handle without crumbling and giving up?

Do you have any academic qualification that gives you an upper hand against other writers?

Think about how many revisions  you get in a week. How often do clients leave disappointed? How many clients have you lost due to poor quality of work?

Think and think again. If you are yet to find your ground, you might want to keep your current job until you are sure that writing is your thing.

Consistency of Writing Jobs and Reliability of Clients

How many orders do you handle in a week? How many long term clients do you have? Is your freelancing life  affected by writing seasons? What/who  do you depend on during low  season?

If you are an ever busy writer, in and out of season, you might  be ready to go full time.

A full time freelance writer knows all the tricks of freelance writing, including how to successfully hunt for jobs. Do you possess such skills? Can you convince a new client to trust your capabilities?

How good are your communication skills? Can you survive the stiff competition for freelance writing jobs?

Think about it.

These facts are not by any chance meant to scare you away from going into full time freelance writing. If nobody has never been this honest with you, you need to choose your friends again.

Furnished with these truths, you now know that full time freelance writing is a demanding venture and you had better be sure you want to commit.

Think again.