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Here is some advice for those of you who showcase your writing through your own personal website; some tips for that ‘About Me’ page which will draw people into engaging with your life and your work. Read on, for this article is all about you!
Creating an ‘About Me’ Page For Your Website

Should you have your own website one of the most important pages is the ‘About Me’ page. The page that tells your readers who you are. The page that tells your readers why you are a writer, your inspirations, a little life story, and why the reader should spend more time at your site. The page that attracts possible clients into deciding to use your freelance writing skills.


Here is some advice for those of you who showcase your writing through your own personal website; some tips for that ‘About Me’ page which will draw people into engaging with your life and your work. Read on, for this article is all about you!


Do you actually have an About Mepage on your site? If not then create one immediately. It creates a personal angle to your work. It lets people know that you are a living, breathing person and not just a computer that spills out words. A million other sites may be similar to yours but they won’t have your name attached. So make your site personal. Create that ‘About Me’ page to let people know that you exist. Tell your readers your name. Give them reason to follow you personally.


Show your face. Use a photograph to allow your readers to put a face to your name. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo, or a modelling shot. Any picture that lets people know who you are is a great way of giving your site a sense of identity.


About Meis not only about you. That’s a paradox isn’t it. Truth is your website probably isn’t a site for your eyes only. It’s for others to read too. Therefore within the ‘About Me’ page consider the reader. Let them know why your site is beneficial to them. What will they gain from spending time on your site? What do you want people to know about you and your work? Think about it.


Use your words carefully. When letting people know a little about you do not waffle on needlessly. There is no need to let people know about all the holidays you have been on since you were a child. People probably don’t want to know about the number of romantic entanglements you have had. It is unlikely they want to know your school grades. They shouldn’t want to know your credit card details. Be precise in what you write. Share only those parts of your life that are relevant to the site. It’s fine to give people a little background on your life but not a complete life history. The ‘About Me’ page is to draw your readers in, not to bore them at first sight.


Update your page. As your life changes so too should your ‘About Me’ page. That isn’t to say you should tell the reader every change in your life, but those changes that people may find relevant and interesting. For example if you have children and you state their ages on the page then be sure to alter that yearly for obvious reasons. If you have experienced a success in your writing then include that. If you have learned something new in your freelance writing then include that too. Keep the reader interested and up to date in your life and how that may affect their life. Include a recent photograph of yourself. Don’t change your photo every week, month, or even year. It’s not to let people know that you have had a shave or bought a new outfit. It’s not Facebook! Change your photo once every five years or so to truly reflect who you are.


Explain your site. If you have multiple pages on your site then point the reader in the right direction. Consider it a map for readers new to your site. Where can they go to read your work? Where can they go to comment on what they have read? Where can they go for inspiration for their own writing? Show the reader the way to all the great features you have on your site. Give the reader incentive to move beyond your ‘About Me’ page.


Include relevant links. Consider linking the page to some of your best articles. Yes, you may have a page that is devoted to your work with the necessary links, but the ‘About Me’ page could include a couple of links to showcase your writing. This may grab the readers attention and give them reason to check out the rest of your writing. The aim is to let the reader know that this is just an example of what you have written and to encourage them to explore your work further.


In summary, ensure that you keep the ‘About Me’ page relevant, interesting and up to date. It is possible that it is the first page your readers come to when visiting your site and you want them to stay. It is up to you to give them the incentive to visit you regularly, be they a potential client, somebody with a passing interesting in the writing of others or somebody looking for their own personal inspiration.


Be sure you know what your site is about and let the world know. This is you and here is what you have to offer to others.