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You have not made money until the client has accepted your work. Academic writing calls for excellence and nothing less.
Academic Writing Tips for Online Writers

Freelance writers are out to make money from their writing skills . If you are one, you know by now that academic writing calls for a certain level of expertise, the kind that only a few writers are able to showcase.

You will need to above all understand the assignment before embarking on writing. Most writers miss out on major projects because they have a disastrous track record in academic writing. Once you show a lack of understanding of an assignment, it goes without saying that a client will not allow you the opportunity to mess them up a second time. With academic writing, opportunities go to the most deserving writers. Are you one?

Once you have understood the assignment, do your research. Search for relevant information, from credible sources. There are plenty of authoritative sources of information on the internet in the form of books, journals and more. Read and take notes so it gets even easier to make citations and to prepare the list of  references.

Write. It is advisable that you write without editing first so you have a smooth flow of ideas. This also helps you save on time and energy. However, there is one downside that writers complain about when using this technique. You could waste too much time doing the wrong thing only to discover when its only a few hours to the submission time. Well,  that is why we  insist that  you understand the assignment first before writing.

One common mistake writers make in academic writing is submitting raw work, a major turn off for clients. Do not underestimate the value of quality editing and proofreading. You will not notice common spelling mistakes and grammatical errors  unless you scrutinize your work, more than once. Confirm that the word count matches the instructions provided. Fine-tune the paper to meet or even surpass the expectations of the client.

Check to see that you have applied the citation and referencing styles provided by the client. Do not attempt to do what you think is right before consulting the client. Such changes can easily ruin a perfect paper and result in unnecessary revisions.

Remember that you have not made money until the client has accepted your work. Academic writing calls for excellence and nothing less.