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Avoid mistakes that make you look dumb.
3 Mistakes that Make Newbie Freelance Writers Look Dumb

I know you got into freelance writing to make money but you ought to know that you must do everything the right way here. In your rush to finally make it, you might end up making mistakes that make you look dumb and this automatically repels clients. A freelance writer must therefore be careful to ensure they play their cards right because you need to impress clients to make them hire you.

That’s the only way you are ever going to make it. These are the silly mistakes you must avoid.


Trying to Play  Superman Yet You Know You are Clueless

Don’t you hate it when people disappoint you, yet you have placed so much faith in them? Imagine the feeling when a client realizes you have been wasting their time trying to complete an order that you have no clue about.

You very well knew that you do not possess the skills  to complete a certain order yet you went ahead and took it, only to come back a few hours before the deadline  claiming you discovered you could not pull it off.

Freelance writers don’t do that. They study an order/project before accepting to take it on and if they have the slightest doubt that they are incapable,they let it pass. Stop being greedy and allow yourself to grow. Pick projects that you can handle and climb the ladder as your skills improve.

If you try playing superman again and it fails, you will be so frustrated you will regret ignoring this candid advice.


Exorbitant Quotations

Do you know how dumb you sound when you quote an insane figure for some projects? You must understand that some of your clients have been in this business longer than you and so they know the ropes. They can tell between an excited newbie and an experienced freelance writer by the sanity of their rates.

Study the market carefully if you do not want clients to start avoiding you like a plague. Connect with freelance writers and learn how to charge like a pro.


Oozing Carelessness in Your Work

You should see the look on your client’s face when you submit a shoddy piece while you sit pretty and wait to get paid. Do you even take time to edit and proofread your work? All those typos, grammatical errors and disorder in your work spell out carelessness and clients want nothing to do with such writers.

Tidy up before you lose your source of bread and butter. Remember that only few freelance writers have the privilege of getting a warning. Be grateful you met a benevolent like